Photo: @belinszkyphotography Makeup @fanniweinper_makeup Models: Kata Bach, actress @bach_kata Éva Adorján, artist @labirinda, Linda Vachter model @lindavachter, Erika Tejeda artist @erikannatejeda Shibori pictures: Éva Adorján, Glass buttons: @mathilda__knoepfe, Jewellery: Tünde Garamvölgyi @garkajewelry, Dittafelt Studio @dittafelt.studio

❦During the creation of the capsule collection I was inspired by female characters, and the eight women archetypes: Artemis – Wilderness, Pallas Athena – Warrior, Hera – Marriage, Home, Demeter – Mother, Mother Earth, Persephone – The daughter, Aphrodite – Love, Hestia – Virgin, Hecate – Magician. I was looking for the essence of the certain characters when designing the blouses. Colours, words, patterns, movements, memories, powers, scents, materials, motives, every such tangible and intangible element that a characters calls forth and feels good in it. That is how the eight forms (which were given phantasy names) came to life based on the archetypes, all of them carrying the unique features.

❦ The concept of the campaign photos was for the various female characters to be shown by emphasizing the unique features, the personalities are in harmony with the clothes, and at the same time, the people can be connected to each other. I imagined it so that we will present the respect and excitement of otherness, the tolerance, so that meanwhile our essential values encounter, and this will be projected on the photos, too. We succeeded in that.
❦ The symbols embroidered on the blouses and the hand felted show accessories were all based on this concept, that is, the idea of universality in differences. I wanted to emphasize through them our connection to nature, to refer to those treasurable ornaments, that imply the original knowledge and carry a message, they portray those universal archaic shape designs – with the unique features characteristic of the ethnic group – that we got as our heritage. These symbols teach us to see again and to think in a complex, abstract way. My inspiration originated from the Hungarian folk motives and shapes, motives of ancient rock art, Scythian motives, traditional Tibetan folk costume, traditional Russian folk costume, antique Roman costume, and I paired them, based on personal intuition, with the characters.
❦ I see the message of the collection has become very topical. Each small movement, that tells about why the acceptance of human difference and otherness makes us richer instead of taking away from us, about how the preserving of our values is the respect of life, not its destruction, and about why collaboration is a basic human task, counts.

❦ I believe women can more and more express their power, I believe in women`s concentration of forces. I was really happy that the models, mostly all artists creating in other fields, accepted my invitation, enriched and integrated the project with their individuality.

  ”What this project represents for me is the living of our feminine quality, its realization, and how we support each other in that – the birth of an old-new sisterhood.” Éva Adorján

Donna Terra Collection

Photo, styling: Líbor Júlia, Model: @sylviszilagyi @henibara, Earrings:@donna_terra_ @belloviczmartina

This mini collection is called Donna Terra-  Mother Earth.  This work is a cooperation between DittaFelt and the budapest based vintage shop- Retrock Budapest, with Júlia Líbor.
We wanted to create a natural and feminine collection, using sustainable botanical dye and eco print techniques, on various silk materials.
Our vision was to create timeless, and comfortable design. We chose carefully the best silk materials for the project and the natural dye technique to create the pattern and colour without of using any chemicals. The atmosphere is the raw and delicate female power  we wanted to show with the collection.

Statement Pieces

Gardens Of Memory

The main inspirations were the atmosphere of my dye garden and outdoor studio, my antique treasures collected throughout the years, among which there are old broken ceramics, tiles recalling old times and memories.
There are several stories hidden in everyone’s memory, telling about simple feelings, voices, fragrances or faces. There are several strange, small, old, broken… objects in every person’s life, that are telling stories. About the person’s whole world, about a period of her life, about spaces, time, cultures and human connections… These are the base of my jewellery collection, also dyed with plants, mainly from my own dye garden.

Editorial For The Pump Magazin

Photo: @aliona.photography  Makeup: @domonkoseszti, Model: @eva_nogen @suzytankovics @pumpmagazine

Ditta Garden series vol.1.

This capsula collection is composed of handfelted outer garments, blouses and a kimono, made of various textiles, mainly pure silk and cotton. Each piece dyed with plants, using eco print technique. The pieces look different because of the variant dyeing process and several plants, and still harmonised. The forms are basic, emphasizing the rich textiles.

Ez a kapszula kollekció kézi nemezeléssel készült felsőruházatból, blúzokból, kimonóból tevődik össze, az alapanyagok a nemez mellett nagyrészt selyem, és pamut.
Mindegyik darab növényekkel van festve, eco print technikával mintázva. A különféle festési eljárások alkalmazása miatt eltérőek a darabok, mégis harmonizálnak. A forma puritánsága a textilek gazdagságát igyekszik kiemelni.

The collections place the principle of sustainability into the center of focus and follow personal intuitions. Pieces are largely focused on textiles.

Eco printed poetry. Rust printed means the pattern made by using rusted fabrics. Colours are realized through traditional natural dye methods. Mark making with rust doesn’t need synthetic dyestuff.
Red is the colour of life and death. One of the first paint in the history of mankind. Before 40 000 year people found and used iron oxide for painting (body, clothes, pottery). Telkibánya -’Veresvizi’ patak – the oxidation of Iron sulphite meeting the water creates iron oxide, which covers, colours the environment- stones, leaves. These objects makes rust imprints to the sorroundings.
It’s about the marks of fragility which I adapt to textiles. I create poethical but modern collections through hand crafted fabrics. It’s focusing what I want the brand to be, environmentally conscious collections.
Naturally dyed textiles, dyeing with plants.
Hand felting
The fabrics have been reinvented from the textile tradition creating a sophisticated women’s clothing line that combines the luxury of textiles and materials with innovative ideas and creative solutions.
The forms are simple, comfortable, loose-fitting with wide surfaces.

The sets present the ancient textile techniques and bring to the modern world of fashion as one of a kind pieces of art.