Art Tradition Feminine Power

‘Botanically dyed, handfelted statement pieces that make your outfit extraordinary.’

You can dress in a Color Story. You can make your outfit special wearing a treasured garment…

Natural materials
Slow design

Fashion and Textile designer
(Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, Hungary)
Teacher of Arts and Visual Communication
(Eszterhazy Karoly University Eger, Hungary),
Feltmaker (Craft school, Nádudvar, Hungary)


The Story
Ditta has been passionate about drawing, textiles and fashion since a child. She has more than fifteen years experience as a designer, and also as an artist.
The brand based on the artist’s essential needs of creating, and the joy of creativity.
She express’s his own imprint and personality in each design.

„My work and my passion are the same thing to me.”

The Brand
Ditta felt represents products with idetity and quality.
The Ditta Felt capsula collections are usually inspired by two craftsmanship of authentic wet felting technique of fine raw wool material and traditional natural dye with plants.
“I want to make conversation between ancient and new technologies.”
Felting is an ancient technique, nomad folks used it 8000 years ago, but it answers the challenges of the 21st century just as well. Also, dyeing with plants has been used since more thousand years. Plants are story tellers…

Main attributes
Classical and artistic pieces using chemical free environmentally conscious dying methods.
Creating a craft product made entirely from materials available in nature:
The fabrics of natural composition, which contrast with the use of modern forms. This combination represents the duality between tradition and modernity.
Artisanal process:
All of the felted garments, the textile manipulations, dyeing process, create by the designer herself. The producing is done in local workshops
The essence of vivid natural colors:
All of the garments are dyed with plants, patterns made by eco print technique- print with plants.
Environmental sustainability
Cultural heritage
Slow clothes guarantee timeless design and sustainability.

.”Her clothes reveal her sensitivity to the world and her love towards nature.”


► Miniartextil „Borderline” travelling exhibition
Chiesa di San Francesco Largo Spallino – 22100 Como, Italy (2017)
Le Beffroi , Montrouge, France (2018)
Le Chateau du Valfleury, Gif sur Yvette, France (2018)
Museo Del Tessile, Busto Arsizio, Milan (2018)
► FISE Design 2016, Képtár Szombathely
►I Art I Craft I Design/Fise Design Festetics György Művelődési Központ Hévíz (2015)
► Red Project/Roots of the European Design Travelling Exhibition
Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Ljubljana,Slovenia
House at the Minute Praha Czech Republic (2014.)
Örökség és Újítás Hungary, Budapest, Várkert Bazár (2015)
► Mint-A Mesében FISE Gallery -Budapest (2014.)
► Fresh Fishes- FISE Group exhibition, FISE Gallery Budapest (2014)
► XIV. Textile Conference and Exhibition, Munkácsy Mihály Museum Békéscsaba (2014)
► ’Felt in motion’ travelling Exhibition
Historischen Spinnerei im Gartetal e. V – Göttingen, Germany,
Musée du Feutre Mouzon, French
Landesmuseum, Liechtensteinischen Vaduz
Craft Museum of Finland, Jyväskylä, Finnland
Pfalzmuseum Forchheim, Forchheim Germany (2013-2014)
► Kruhy Na Vode -Rings on water Competition and Exhibition
The Center for Folk Art Production Bratislava, Slovakia (2013.)
► MOME Diploma Ponton Gallery, Budapest (2012.)
► Gombold Újra 02. Competition, Exhibition, Balassi Institute, Bruxelles (2011.)
► Gombold Újra 01- Exhibition of the winner collections of the competition -Design Terminal, Budapest (2011.)

professional results

Open Lab Halland Art Residency, Halmstad, Sveden (2015)
► Red Project/Roots of the european design competition, (2014.)
► FISE / Studio of Young Designer Assotiation Budapest, Member (2014.)
► Kruhy Na Vode -Rings on water Competition, textil category, 1. prise -The Center for Folk Art Production Bratislava, Slovakia (2013.)
► MOME Diploma 2012 Fashion show -Hungarian National Gallery Budapest (2012.)
► Maybelline New York and Moholy-Nagy University Designers Price, First Price- Maybelline New York –MOME (2012.)


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►Filz… in Bevegung / Felt… in motion Katalog zur Ausstellung 2013. February
Sigrid Bannier: Nemezelt ruha füles mintával/ Felted garment with hangers
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►COQUET ÉLÉGANCE Blog Tíoki Kera 2013. Paloma projekt by Ditta

►Kruhy Na vode/ Rings in water exhibition catalogue.2012.
Viera Kleinová Judit Simon 1. Prise Collection of felted garments
Bratislava Catalogue of the exhibition 36-37.o
►Exhibitions of the items of the Gombold Újra -Rethink-Rebutton Competition and fashion show,Catalouge 2011.