Eco printed felted blazer


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Note: The handfelted materials are soft, strong and durable, don’t need frequent washing.
Wool felt is resistance to flame and compression, and thermal and sound insulation. Lanolin, the thin waxy coating on wool fibers, makes wool naturally water and soil resistant.

Ditta Felt handfelted garments uses extra fine austral merino wool.  Merino sheep are prized for their fine hair and considered to be the highest quality sheep’s wool.

Wool felt is a nonwoven textile composed of loose fibers which are matted together to form a continuous material.
Felt is one of the oldest man-made textiles. To produce felt, raw wool undergoes a wet felting process that involves matting, condensing and pressing the fibers.
Wool Felt is high quality, sustainable, 100% biodegradable.


Designed in Budapest, Hungary
Tailored and handcrafted in Szigetszentmiklós (Pest county), Hungary
By purchasing a Dittafelt product you support local designers, the movement of sustainable design and you help maintain ancient crafts.

Dittafelt felted garments are made ethically with care in a small studio, using high quality natural materials, designed individually. The products are custom-made or hand-made in small batches. The forms are comfortable, loose-fitting. Their colors are hand-made, using traditional dyeing methods and natural dyes of plants . The prints made by  hand  with eco print techniques- using plants or rusted fabrics. The felted fabrics are made by the traditional hand-made wet felting technique, using different types of renewable, fine and soft wool (in accordance with the high quality Öko-Tex® Standard).

This blazer has a longer back part, asimmetric sleeves

Composition: 100% fine merino wool, pure silk . Dyed naturally with japanese indigo. Eco printed, using rose and wallnut leaves.
Color: Greenish grey
Size: One size, fits like M/Medium (Eur 38)
Care: Hand wash recommended with neutral detergent (excess plant and dye residue may occur), maximum temperature 30 C