Botanically dyed clothing

I created the DittaFelt Eden clothing line for the Classical women who enjoy arts. Because you shouldn’t have to choose between elegance and sustainability.
The pieces place the principle of classical feminine values and sustainability into the center of focus and follow personal intuitions.
The items also represents the possibilities of chemical free dying methods.
I like combining traditional and modern techniques, like traditional natural dying in a modern way. My main goals are not only the care and respect for nature, but the respect for classical and artistic values too.
These pieces are all unique, telling stories…

Dittafelt products are made ethically with care in small studios, designed individually. The pieces are custom-made or hand-made in small batches .
As for the materials, they are premium, luxury textiles or GOTS-certified textiles which are dyed with plants or print with plants using the eco print technique for making the pattern. Textiles were botanically dyed or bundle-dyed with a variety of natural dye extracts and raw natural dye materials (like flowers, leaves, wood chips etc.) to produce the various colors and patterns. Then the bundle is steamed or boiled to release the dye found naturally inside the plant, creating a contact print in the shape of the leaf or flower used. For the process I use home grown plants- based on natural resources. In this way, all items are unique. Because it is hand made, the natural imperfections are a part of its beauty.

The felted fabrics are made by the traditional hand-made wet felting technique, using different types of renewable, fine and soft wool (in accordance with the high quality Öko-Tex® Standard)

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