Dittafelt Aqua bag big,purple


The Ditta Felt Aqua bag is a very unique, elegant and stylish bag handcrafted by the designers. The bags made from transparent pvc, high quality felt and wood.
The natural and plastic, transparent and opaque, tough and soft, hard and flexible, are harmoniously united in Ditta Felt Aqua bag.

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The bag is medium sized and lightweight. Includes an internal hand felted pocket for the small items.
With wooden handle and PVC shoulder straps.
The bag closures: 4 extra strong neodimium magnets inside and a buckle on the top.
The bag materials: water clear PVC (durable, 3 mm thick), wood, hand felted material
Accessories: stainless steeel
Water resistant

height with wooden handles : 34 cm
depth: 10cm
width: 33cm

shoulder strap: 74 cm long

Colour: dark purple

The felted fabrics are made by the traditional handmade wet felting technique, using different types of renewable, fine and soft wool (in accordance with the high quality Öko-Tex® Standard).

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 33 x 33 cm