Art projects

“Miniartextil Borderline” 2017. Como

Title: Reproduct
For this theme, I wanted to represent a border between tha natural and artificial world and its elements in the way I constructed an artificial border, a new skin. I chose the  Physalis Alkekengi plant (Bladder Cherry) as the base objects of my work, and I created for these fruits an artificial new skin covering the skeletal body after the lost one, (natural degradation) – which covers and protects the seed inside. These layers can unify with the seed’s frame in different ways creating new various surfaces. I wanted to make five forms, the techniques I used allowed to show the process, when the artificial skin/border can form loose connection and in the end a complete unity. The pins I used for fixing the layers first make an extra structure,then after the rusting process modifies the surface, can merge into it.

Open Lab Halland Artist Residency Program Sweden 2015.


Ditta’s  Desert

The collection inspired of the carving technique, the motifs of the lines, silhouettes of natural elements. The 3 dimensional, carved pattern in various colours and depth, creats a special graphical look.


Paloma project

The collection inspired in one side the motif, and the other the form. Connects to the antient protecting magical costumes, talismanic clothes. The nomad cape has healing power …


Experimental textiles with knitted material 2011.


Experimental textiles 2010.