Ditta Garden series vol.1.

This capsula collection is composed of handfelted outer garments, blouses and a kimono, made of various textiles, mainly pure silk and cotton. Each piece dyed with plants, using eco print technique. The pieces look different because of the variant dyeing process and several plants, and still harmonised. The forms are basic, emphasizing the rich textiles.

Ez a kapszula kollekció kézi nemezeléssel készült felsőruházatból, blúzokból, kimonóból tevődik össze, az alapanyagok a nemez mellett nagyrészt selyem, és pamut.
Mindegyik darab növényekkel van festve, eco print technikával mintázva. A különféle festési eljárások alkalmazása miatt eltérőek a darabok, mégis harmonizálnak. A forma puritánsága a textilek gazdagságát igyekszik kiemelni.


Eco print poetry. 
Rust printed means the pattern made by using rusted fabrics. Colours are realized through traditional natural dye methods.

…Sietni kellett. pörgött a világ. – de aztán, egy ponton .. “..álmomban beleestem egy zsebuniverzumba…” egy párhuzamos valóság, ahová a lágy, körbeölelő anyag elnavigál.
az anyag mögötti eszme/idea átütő erejét érzed. egy lélek lényegét, aki ezt megálmodta, létrehozta, és most szeretné, ha te is éreznéd.
életérzés. végeláthatatlan / örök jelen. szívdobbanás. ez az, ami hiányzott. 
…We had to hurry up, the world was spinning around. – but then at a point “ my dreams I felt into a pocket universe.” A parallel reality, where the soft, circular material takes you. 
You can feel the power of the idea behind the material. the essence of a soul who dreamed it, created it, and now wants you to feel it.
awareness of life. endless / eternal present. heartbeat. this is what i was missing. 


Red is the colour of life and death. One of the first paint in the history of mankind. Before 40 000 year people found and used iron oxide for painting (body, clothes, pottery). Telkibánya –’Veresvizi’ patak – the oxidation of Iron sulphite meeting the water creates iron oxide, which covers, colours the environment- stones, leaves. These objects makes rust imprints to the sorroundings.

DittaFelt Aqua

The Ditta Felt Aqua bag is a very unique, elegant and stylish bag handcrafted by the designers, made from transparent pvc, high quality felt and wood.
The natural and plastic, transparent and opaque, tough and soft, hard and flexible, are harmoniously united in this product.



The collection found their inspiration in the objects of built environment which ruined by the force of nature. It’s about the marks of fragility which I adapt to textiles. I wanted to create a poethical but modern collection through hand crafted fabrics. It’s focusing what I want the brand to be, environmentally conscious collections. Hand felted textiles, mark making with rust doesn’t need synthetic dyestuff.

Noir Collection

The collection inspired of the art deco buildings of Berlin and Budapest, the ancient armours, eastern traditional outfits and the movie Metropolis (1927).

Red and blue felts

The collection inspired of the Middle-European traditional wooden art. Focused on the 3 dimensional, carved pattern in various colours and depth, which creats a special graphical look. The forms are simple, comfortable, loose-fitting with wide surfaces.

Diploma collection

The choosen inspiration source was the engraving and cutting technique, in my work I wanted to translate these technique into the textile. The pattern also inspired on linear and circular elements arranged in a partycular system . In the works the felting makes the pattern and form, I compose it with cutting the felted material. One of my aim was to emphasize the depth and sculpturesque of the material and the pattern.


Collection 2012.



Rikov for Ditta collection

The Rikov for Ditta means not only the collaboration between the two designers, but also the collaboration between the two preferred techniques:hand felting and dyeing with plants. The sets present the ancient textile techniques and bring to the modern world of fashion as one of a kind pieces of art.The fabrics have been reinvented from the textile tradition creating a sophisticated women’s clothing line that combines the luxury of textiles and materials with innovative ideas and creative solutions.


Gombold Újra 2.


Gombold Újra 1.


“Miniartextil Borderline” 2017. Como

Title: Reproduct
For this theme, I wanted to represent a border between tha natural and artificial world and its elements in the way I constructed an artificial border, a new skin. I chose the  Physalis Alkekengi plant (Bladder Cherry) as the base objects of my work, and I created for these fruits an artificial new skin covering the skeletal body after the lost one, (natural degradation) – which covers and protects the seed inside. These layers can unify with the seed’s frame in different ways creating new various surfaces. I wanted to make five forms, the techniques I used allowed to show the process, when the artificial skin/border can form loose connection and in the end a complete unity. The pins I used for fixing the layers first make an extra structure,then after the rusting process modifies the surface, can merge into it.

Open Lab Halland Artist Residency Program Sweden 2015.


Ditta’s  Desert

The collection inspired of the carving technique, the motifs of the lines, silhouettes of natural elements. The 3 dimensional, carved pattern in various colours and depth, creats a special graphical look.


Paloma project

The collection inspired in one side the motif, and the other the form. Connects to the antient protecting magical costumes, talismanic clothes. The nomad cape has healing power …


Experimental textiles with knitted material 2011.


Experimental textiles 2010.